Thriving in El Salvador

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August 1, 2016

Resilient Communities

Many organizations that benefit from IAF support represent people who have been relegated to the margins of economic and civic life. In El Salvador, IAF grantee partners are working to strengthen civil society through the sustainable development of businesses and communities. Read more.

Sociedad Cooperativa Marias Noventa y Tres (Marias 93)

Marias 93 is a farmers’ cooperative that produces and sells organic coffee. In addition to its local coffee shop, the cooperative focuses on including local youth in its activities. Young people have received training in organic composting, which contributes to better-quality production. This has increased incomes and benefited the community.  

Marias 93 workers drying coffee beans


Asociación Cooperativa de Producción Artesanal, Agropecuaria, Ahorro, Crédito y Comercialización (Guazapa Tours)

Guazapa Tours is a tourism cooperative in Suchitoto, El Salvador that focuses on preserving the environment and on educating visitors about the effects of the Salvadoran Civil War. Visitors can hike or ride on horseback through an area where vestiges remain from the war, including underground bunkers and foxholes. Guazapa Tours benefits the local community by encouraging residents to rent their horses to visitors, volunteer as home stay hosts, and allow their land to be used as lookout points on hiking trails. Many local youths employed by the cooperative are learning service and handicraft skills.


Fundación Red de Sobrevivientes y Personas con Discapacidad 

Red de Sobrevivientes supports physically and mentally disabled Salvadorans by providing job training, facilitating the acquisition of prosthetics and wheelchairs, and encouraging communities to make public spaces accessible to those with disabilities. The foundation has been successful in petitioning local governments to establish municipal offices that maintain a registry of disabled citizens. It has also advised local government officials on appropriate policies for the disabled and and advocated for funding for those policies.


  Our portfolio in El Salvador

    Active grantees: 19

    IAF commitment:  $4,095,706

    Counterpart value: $3,242,434

    Total investment: $7,338,140