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Development, Enterprise and Young People

At the IAF, we support organizations that actively promote community development projects and create opportunities like micro enterprises, especially for youth. We recognize involvement of young people is important to guarantee our grantee partners' success. Our support in Honduras reflects this.

Our grantee partner Asociación de Desarrollo Pespirense (ADEPES) in Honduras works with about 200 young people in the rural municipality of Pespire, in the Honduran department of Choluteca. Its initiatives prepare young people to lead community development, training and other projects.

Through its work ADEPES addresses a demographic group that had been traditionally excluded from economic opportunities and is prone to migrate. ADEPES also raises awareness in its community on topics relevant to youth, including resistance to drugs and gangs, and prevention of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence.

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IAF Empowering Young Entrepreneurs 


Promoting leadership and development

Centro de Desarrollo Humano (CDH) builds networks of youth organizations to better engage their municipal governments for greater community investment. The project contributes to the prevention of violence and promotes other priorities relevant to young people. CDH Grant activities include training young people on leadership and organizational development, and monitoring and promotion of public policy.





Encouraging entrepreneurship

The Asociación de Desarrollo Triunfeña (ADETRIUNF), focuses on providing skills for young entrepreneurs to build economic opportunities, and promoting citizen participation to strengthen democratic practices. ADETRIUNF provides comprehensive training and financial support toward the development of youth-led micro-enterprises in El Triunfo, Choluteca, benefitting more than 3,000 Hondurans.



Snapshot of the IAF in Honduras

Active grantee partners: 26

Areas of emphasis: Agriculture/food production, corporate social investment,  income generation, education and training, enterprise development, gender, rural development, tourism, and youth.

IAF commitment: $5,931,921

Counterpart: $5,057,213

Total: $10,989,134



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