Green energy lights up Dominican Republic

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September 29, 2016

Lighting up communities in Dominican Republic through green energy 

Community-managed micro hydroelectric systems are providing a clean and reliable source of electricity for rural communities in the Dominican Republic, which contributes to opportunities in education, public safety, healthcare and income-generation for hundreds of families. The nongovernmental organization GUAKIA AMBIENTE, an Inter-American Foundation (IAF) grantee partner, works with several communities on the island to construct, maintain and use these systems, which generate energy using the natural flow of water. One such system that included GUAKIA AMBIENTE was inaugurated at Arroyo Frio near Jarabacoa, La Vega Province, and has the capacity to generate 150 kilowatts of clean energy for the benefit of more than 280 families. Read more about GUAKIA AMBIENTE

Community members working to construct their micro hydroelectric system

Several of the IAF’s investments in the Dominican Republic are focused on working with grassroots nongovernmental organizations to promote responsible use of the environment. This includes not only using natural resources wisely, but also to maintain sustainable income through sources like agriculture. 


Junta de Asociaciones Campesinas Rafael Fernández Domínguez, Inc. (JACARAFE) 

JACARAFE works with five member associations from the communities of Velot, Haiti and Jengibre, Rincón, and Horqueta, in the Dominican Republic, to improve agricultural production, food security, nutrition and conservation practices, benefitting more than 100 families.


La Cooperativa fe la Federación Provincial de Productores y Campesinos Azuanos  (COOPSERMORPAZ)

COOPSERMORPAZ is comprised of some 600 farmers raising plantains, tobacco and cattle on small plots of land, as well as small business men and women, professionals and other residents of Los Toros in Azua Province. Among COOPSERMORPAZ’s activities are training community members in better agricultural practices, access to a working capital fund and the opportunity to obtain better prices by pooling their harvests to market in volume.

Portfolio in Dominican Republic

Active grantees:            9
IAF commitment:          $3,277,381
Counterpart value:        $3,996,341
Total investment:          $7,273,722

Areas of emphasis: Agriculture/food production, education/training, enterprise development, the environment,  inclusion of women, sexual minorities, and young people.