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At the IAF, we support community-based organizations that value and emphasize the link between sustainable development and gender equality. In many IAF partner countries, women play an essential role in households, but their priorities are often neglected. Together with our partners in Nicaragua, we are addressing several issues that have affected women and their communities.  

The Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer in Nicaragua (APADIEM) is recognized nationally as an advocate for women’s rights and equal treatment. It is working with 450 women in 21 communities in the municipality of El Viejo in the Chinandega department to build job skills, to provide seed money for businesses and to gain economic independence.

APADIEM's activities also seek to reduce domestic violence, confront discrimination and make it easier for women to become landowners. APADIEM member Ana Celia Tercero said greater independence leads to stronger families and communities. "For women to be genuinely autonomous, they need to be able to make decisions," she said. "They need to own their homes, their productive land." 

Project details

 IAF Reaching
Women and Food Production


Engaging women and building marketing skills

Our grantee partner Aldea Global in Nicaragua helps farmers from 18 cooperative and other groups manage credit funds, enhance production quality, improve marketing and incorporate more women. Training and related assistance benefits 1,800 farmers directly and their 9,000 family members indirectly. 

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Preventing gender violence and strengthening access to justice   

The Nicaraguan Centro Especializado de Atención a la Mujer provides leadership training, investment capital, and legal services in 20 rural communities in the department of Matagalpa. They encourage gender equality and preventing domestic violence, aim to raise incomes and improve access to land. The initiative reaches about 1,200 men and women directly and another 4,800 indirectly.

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Snapshot of the IAF in Nicaragua

Active grantee partners: 14

Areas of emphasis: 
Agriculture and food production (dairy farming, organic), corporate social investment, ecotourism, education/training, health, housing, legal assistance.
IAF commitment

Counterpart value: $8,519,611

Total investment:

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Shining a Light on Injustices Often Ignored

Three out of every 10 women in Nicaragua experience domestic or sexual violence in their lifetimes. Most of these crimes are committed in the country’s North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), and the vast majority of the victims are Miskito indigenous women. >>Read more

Organic agriculture may actually solve the global food problem 

Imagine that your next meal depended on how much food you could scratch out of the ground. A majority of the planet’s food is produced by smallholder family farmers, who are also among the world’s poorest. With arable land for crops shrinking, we need solutions on how to better cultivate food to prevent additional shortages. Could more environmentally sound agricultural practices be the answer? >>Read more

Video: Preserving Culture in Post-Conflict Colombia

Watch the third video in our series that follows our grantee partners working to build peace in Colombia. Cosurca is one of 18 grassroots organizations in Colombia that we support to explore and to participate in building peace in their regions. >>See the video