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September 12, 2016

Grassroots Grants with Benefits that Endure 

The IAF revisits projects for which funding ended about five years earlier in order to meet with our former grantee partners and assess what has happened since. Based on these visits and a review of all previously collected data, the IAF prepares in-depth reports and summaries to share with all interested parties.


Guatemala's Socially Committed Entrepreneurs 

A third of Guatemalan youth leave school before age 15, and only 8 percent go on to attend a university. As part of an effort by the Ministry of Education to reverse this trend, the Asociación de Gerentes de Guatemala undertook a program to get graduates from poor families into the workforce as employees or as owners of their own businesses. An assessment surveyed participants about their experiences after completing the program.  Check out what they said about the skills they gained and how they are managing.


Young Argentines Chronicle the Shantytowns of Buenos Aires

This unique project trained young people as photographers to chronicle life in impoverished areas of Buenos Aires, particularly the shantytown known as Villa 15. The grantee partner, Ph15, is committed to sparking the imagination of its participants, mobilizing their communities, and drawing attention to the needs of young people living there. Click here to read more.


Young Ecuadorian Leaders Stay Put

This project aimed to help stem migration from Ecuador, particularly among women, by training young people to become community advocates and leaders.  None of the participants dropped out or moved, preferring to remain in their neighborhoods, continue their education, and take on leadership roles. Read the assessment showing how the project influenced young people’s lives and benefited their communities. 

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