Foundation Staff

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Foundation Staff 

Office of the President
Robert N. Kaplan, President and Chief Executive Officer
Cindy Soto, Executive Assistant

Office of Evaluation
Emilia Rodríguez-Stein, Director of Evaluation
Michael Campbell, Auditor
Miguel Cuevas, Analysis and Evaluation Specialist
Rosemarie Moreken, Analysis and Evaluation Specialist

Office of External and Government Affairs
Manuel Nuñez, Director of External and Government Affairs
Edith Bermúdez, Public Affairs Specialist
Mark Caicedo, Public Affairs Specialist
Paula Durbin, Director of Publications and Fellowships
Megan Fletcher, Congressional Affairs Specialist
Eduardo Rodríguez-Frías, Public Affairs Specialist

Office of the General Counsel
Paul Zimmerman, General Counsel
Mara Quintero, Associate General Counsel

Office of Operations
Juan Price, Chief Operating Officer
Keidy Berroa-Coplin, Administrative Assistant
Anthony Cochran, General Services Specialist
Daniel Glenn, Information Technology Specialist
Ana Savage, Financial Specialist
Juanda Smith, General Services Specialist
Tie Xu, Information Technology Specialist
Tina Zabitchuck, Director of Human Resources

Office of Programs
Stephen Cox, Vice President for Programs
Patrick Ahern, Foundation Representative, Nicaragua
Alejandra Argueta, Program Staff Assistant
Gabriela Boyer, Foundation Representative, Mexico
Miriam Brandão, Foundation Representative, Peru
Jeremy Coon, Foundation Representative, Argentina and Paraguay
Sandra Epley, Program Administrator
David Fleischer, Foundation Representative, Brazil and Uruguay
Kevin Healy, Foundation Representative, Bolivia
Amanda Hess, Program Staff Assistant
Seth Jesse, Foundation Representative, El Salvador
Marcy Kelley, Foundation Representative, Costa Rica and Ecuador
Amy Kirschenbaum, Foundation Representative, Brazil
Jenny Petrow, Foundation Representative, the English-speaking Caribbean, Dominican Republic and Haiti
Monica Radwan, Program Staff Assistant
John Reed, Foundation Representative, Belize and Honduras
Juanita Roca, Foundation Representative, Chile and Colombia
José Toasa, Foundation Representative, Guatemala and Panama
Priscila Silva, Program Staff Assistant
Alexis Toussaint, Program Staff Assistant