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The annual report for 2011 and the IAF journal Grassroots Development 2012 were printed in English and Spanish. The 2012 journal focuses on the IAF’s long and productive history with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, highlighting their creative use of resources from their heritage—resources that have been as tangible as ancestral territory and as intangible as trust. Two articles submitted to the second juried competition for IAF Fellows were recommended for publication after intense peer scrutiny. Both offer further perspectives on the strengths and tensions in indigenous communities as they reconcile their traditions with their contemporary context. “Carbon and Community Development” by David Bray, a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Florida International University, a former IAF representative and a recognized authority on community forestry in Mexico, became a featured article on Ecosystem Marketplace, the leading website on carbon and forest carbon issues.

Among the resources reviewed in the 2012 journal was Blackness in the White Nation:A History of Afro-Uruguay by George Reid Andrews (The University of North Carolina Press: 2010), in which IAF grantee partner Mundo Afro figures prominently as “the most visible of Afro-Uruguayan social and civic groups” and a driving force in the progress toward full equality for Afro-Uruguayans. The IAF publication also includes a review of Niños de la Memoria, a film by Kathryn Smith Pyle, IAF senior representative for El Salvador from 2001 until 2007, chronicling the efforts of IAF grantee partner Asociación Pro-Búsqueda de Niños y Niñas Desaparecidos to locate Salvadorans who became separated from their families during the civil war, including children removed by soldiers from battle scenes and sent abroad for adoption.

IAF publications are accessible in English, Spanish and Portuguese on the IAF’s redesigned website, which went live in 2012. The new interactive, multimedia site provides real-time information on the active portfolio and includes a dedicated section for visitors interested in opportunities to support and work with the IAF.