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The Inter-American Network of Corporate Foundations and Actions for Grassroots Development (RedEAmérica), an IAF-initiated business-sector alliance launched in 2002, has developed into a corps of 74 members representing more than 360 socially responsible corporations committed to supporting self-help in the hemisphere.

Much of RedEAmérica’s initial work in grassroots development was undertaken pursuant to bilateral agreements between individual members and the IAF. These initially called for the corporate parties to match the IAF’s contribution to their social-responsibility programs. Subsequently, they were required to double and triple the IAF’s investment. In 2012, the IAF’s investment of $864,981 in cooperative agreements leveraged $2,622,309 in corporate resources for grassroots development often undertaken by incipient or geographically isolated groups.

The IAF shares expertise and experiences in events scheduled with the network. At RedEAmerica’s fourth International Forum, held Feb. 29 through March 1 in Campinas, Brazil, members discussed challenges to grassroots development: changing demographics, economic growth, evolving social-protection policies and institutional effectiveness. Robert Kaplan moderated a panel on the relationship among the parent company, its corporate foundation and the surrounding community.

A recent Memorandum of Understanding between the IAF and RedEAmérica highlights shared goals and strategies for promoting private-sector social investment in grassroots development over the next five years. In 2012, the IAF invested in three new cooperative agreements with RedEAmérica members and one supplemental grant. The Colombian chapter of Transparency International received supple- mental funding from the IAF and is also supported by RedEAmérica member Fundación Corona. (See CO-511-A4 on Page 24.) 

New Cooperative Agreements

Instituto Arcor Brasil (IAB), $188,000 over three years; counterpart committed, $772,460.

IAB will work with Brazilian corporations and corporate foundations in RedEAmérica, toward more effective social investment and will administer on their behalf a fund supporting development undertaken by grassroots groups. (BR-880)

Corporación RedEAmérica (RedEAmérica), $192,797 over one year; counterpart committed, $155,596.

RedEAmérica will improve measurement of the impact of its on grassroots projects; study and document four successful subgrantees; encourage the application of principles of grassroots development to core business functions; and will recognize extraordinary contributions to grassroots development. (CO-530)

Corporación Consorcio para el Desarrollo Comunitario (Consorcio), $216,000 over three years; counterpart committed, $561,850.

Consorcio will participate in workshops and conferences on grassroots development with other members of RedEAmérica and will administer on their behalf a fund supporting development projects undertaken by grassroots groups in collaboration with local-level government and other partners. (CO-534)

Supplemental Cooperative Agreement

Empresa para el Desarrollo, S.A. (EDESA), $154,000 over two years; counterpart committed, $94,000.

EDESA will launch eight new Empresas de Crédito Comunal, or community credit enterprises, in Chiriqui, Panama; create a Panamanian affiliate and loan fund; evaluate its project; and share the results of its experience with RedEAmérica and the IAF. (CR-328-A4)