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  • A Letter to the Readers
  • From Conflict to Cooperation: Local Development in Nejapa by Daniel Valenzuela
  • Taming Malaria: A New Health Model for the Indigenous Populations in Brazil by Leda Leitao Martins 
  • Partnership Profile by Manuel Alcazar Garcia
  • Social Investments by Walter Price
  • Questions and Answers by Terry Tracy
  • Local Initiatives by Patrick Breslin and Duncan Campbell
  • Point of View by Erick Granados and Judith Gomez Mijares
  • Funding for Sustainability by Tito Bianchi
  • Case Study Forum by Serena Cosgrove
  • Where Are They Now? by Wilbur Wright
  • IAF Commentary by George A. Evans
  • Fellowship Reports by Robert Sogge
  • Development Notes
  • Grantees in the News
  • Resources 
  • Consider This
  • On the Web