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A collection of videos produced by IAF and grantees

In the Caribbean, the IAF focuses on helping our grantee partners strengthen civil society. In particular they accomplish this by tackling gender inequality and improving agriculture with the goal to integrate their countries with the rest of Latin America.


Many of our grantee partners in Haiti played a vital role in responding to victims in the devastating 2010 earthquake. Since then they have continued to build their communities.


Cathiana Jean Julien is a student at Cine Institute in Haiti. This film is presented by Ghetto Film School and highlights Cathiana's dream of becoming a filmmaker so that the world can see Haiti in a different way


Haitians tell US Congress their stories about development in their country.


Haitian grantee partners came together at an IAF-hosted conference to discuss the challenges associated with climate change.


Frantz Saint Fort from our grantee partner MP3K in Haiti explains a new technique the group uses to increase their yam production. MP3K helps its community through grassroots development efforts by providing food, hygiene supplies and seeds.