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A collection of videos produced by the IAF and grantee partners in Mexico

The IAF works to tackle the main problems of Mexico, such as unemployment and violence.


Iniciativas para el Desarrollo de una Economia Alternativa y Solidaria (Ideas Comunitarias) is working with more than 240 indigenous leaders in several communities of Oaxaca.


El Instituto Mexicano de Investigación de Familia y Población. This project works to support community banks and productive projects in Hidalgo by giving 1,300 residents access to training in business skills.


Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultura Sostenible. This project collaborates with communities in Amanalco-Valle de Bravo to improve water quality, reduce silt and sediment for its farms and forests.


The K’inal Antesetik cooperative offers training and opportunities to women working in the artisanal embroidery industry.


Museo Comunitario de San Pedro y San Pablo Tequixtepec - Oaxaca: the IAF supports this project to foster community cooperation and culture.