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A collection of videos produced by the IAF and grantee partners in Paraguay

The IAF works in Paraguay to create a sustainable and equitable economic growth through civil society and social inclusion.


Federación de Entidades Vecinalistas del Paraguay (FEDEM) Is training diverse community leaders and members of neighborhood associations in Asunción.


With the Cirsol project, Estación A supported by the IAF, is creating partnerships between artisan associations, businesses and public organizations.


Asociación Ecuménica de Promoción Social (OGUASU) Works with Indigenous Associations and communities in education, indigenous rights and agriculture.


Asociación de Productores Orgánicos (APRO) Improves the quality of life of approximately 290 families by strengthening its capacity to market their production.


Saraki Foundation is working to train representatives of disability-rights and other organizations, enabling them to more effectively serve Paraguayans with disabilities.