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in your younger self’s dreams and ideas?

Was there someone who believed in you when you younger or helped you achieve what you have in life? You can be that person for a young leader or entrepreneur!

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In Latin America and the Caribbean, many young people are out of school and out of work, putting them at increased risk of being pressured into migration, violence, and crime.

The Inter-American Foundation and The Young Americas Business Trust partner with young people in Latin America and the Caribbean as they build a better future for themselves and their communities.


in youth and their potential as leaders and agents of positive change

Donate to our year-end campaign to propel the work of four organizations across the region that are supporting young people to:

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that will benefit from SI-YES!


Asociación de Productores Indígenas y Campesinos de Riosucio Caldas

Indigenous young people in rural Colombia struggle to find work and educational opportunities in their communities. Asproinca promotes sustainable livelihoods by providing them with small grants and loans for their business ventures.


Organización Paraguaya de Conservación y Desarrollo Sustentable

Communities living within Paraguay’s diverse Yvytyruzú reserve face limited access to opportunities and can contribute to high rates of deforestation. OPADES encourages environmental stewardship and improves livelihoods in the reserve by training youth in environmental education, leadership, and entrepreneurship.


Red Nacional de Jóvenes Viviendo Con VIH/SIDA

Young Dominicans diagnosed with HIV/AIDS face barriers to services that would improve their quality of life. REDNAJCER promotes patients’ rights and runs a microenterprise that offers them income-generating opportunities.

Ideas Comunitarias

Iniciativas para el Desarrollo de una Economía Alternativa y Solidaria

Young Mexicans in Oaxaca with few educational and employment opportunities often feel pressured to migrate. Ideas Comunitarias trains young people to develop strong grassroots organizations and income-generating projects and provides seed funding for their initiatives.


The Inter-American Foundation is an independent agency of the United States government. Your donation qualifies as a charitable contribution under IRS Code sections 170(a) and 170(c).

The Young Americas Business Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works in cooperation with the Organization of American States to support young entrepreneurs.

All funds raised from this campaign will be distributed equally among the four organizations,
minus an 8% management fee to offset IAF operational costs.