Community development from the bottom up

We use the term “grassroots development” to describe the process by which disadvantaged people organize themselves to improve the social, cultural and economic well-being of their families, communities and societies. This concept is based on the premise that the key to sustainable democracies, equitable societies and prosperous economies is a people-oriented strategy that stresses participation, organizational development and networking.

As funders of sustainable development, we offer small investments directly to civil society organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Because many of these groups are at the beginning stages of their growth, we also facilitate opportunities for building capacity and organizational strength.

Additionally, our approach to foreign assistance is distinct among U.S. Government agencies. Having worked with more than 5,000 community partners across the region, our credibility and contacts among civil society groups are a valuable resource for the U.S. and other development organizations.

Beyond Grantmaking

Multiplying our impact

We multiply impact with peer-to-peer learning, grantee exchanges, networks, capacity building and community asset mobilization.

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Distinct Value

Flexible, effective U.S. foreign assistance

Our distinct model of foreign assistance incentivizes community ownership and leadership of development solutions, implementation and sustainability in important ways.

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Talk about community-led development!