Strategic program areas

Each foreign assistance investment we make in Latin America and the Caribbean addresses multiple development challenges in a holistic manner. Our foundation representatives evaluate proposals with acute awareness of the local economic, political and social context and other factors that improve potential for successful outcomes. These smart, cost-effective investments provide the U.S. Government with a direct link to civil society and lessons about effective development practices across program areas that can truly make a difference.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Investments in sustainable agriculture and food security build stronger local economies and improve natural resource management.

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Job Skills and Enterprise Development

Supporting human capital fortifies U.S. relations with community leaders and helps secure a future of economic and social prosperity.

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Civic Engagement, Leadership and Education

Technical assistance and capacity building support a more democratic citizenry and a more inclusive civil society prepared to exercise their civic responsibilities and raise awareness of rights.

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Human Rights and Inclusion

Excluded and marginalized populations must have the access, skills and resources they need to improve their livelihoods.

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