Strengthening local capacity

As stewards of U.S. taxpayer dollars, we are committed to achieving impactful results while providing cost-effective solutions and transparency. We hold all community partners accountable to using U.S. public funds responsibly. Independent data verifiers audit projects each year, and the community organizations report progress on targeted results at six-month intervals. Learn more about how we measure tangible and intangible indicators through the Grassroots Development Framework.

We seek to transfer knowledge generated by our grantee partners, community beneficiaries, IAF country representatives and feedback provided by staff and by our Board of Directors. We use various tools to disseminate this information, including web news and stories, annual reports, ex-post evaluations, email bulletins and our signature publication, the Grassroots Development Journal. 

Grassroots Development Journal

Grassroots Development Journal (archived)

Read stories about the community partners we work with in Latin America and the Caribbean through our distinct approach to sustainable development.

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Find more information about IAF impact through our annual reports, grantee perception reports and ex-post assessments.

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