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Two young people participate in a Copa America street soccer tournament.

Getting the Ball Rolling: Argentina’s Youth-Led Citizenship-Through-Soccer Program

Few would have imagined in the early days that former IAF grantee partner Fundación Defensores del Chaco would become a youth-led powerhouse mobilizing entire towns to advocate for themselves. But what started as a street soccer team became a space where young people and their communities could bring their problems and find solutions together. 

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IAF grantee partners have a brainstorming session in the woods.

Not Counting Chickens: Insights on Community-Led Development from Ramón Daubón

"Government is not separate from the people. “Government” is us. But the government doesn’t necessarily automatically carry out the will of the people. It responds to scrutiny. It is the responsibility of every citizen to know what leaders are doing," said Ramón Daubón, former IAF Vice President for Programs, in our recent conversation.

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Talk about community-led development!